Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson

Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson

Lost in Translation (2003)

Director: Sofia Coppola

Writer: Sofia Coppola

Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson

A fading movie star with a sense of emptiness, and a neglected young wife meet as strangers in Tokyo and form an unlikely bond.

Important Vocabulary

He took that thing and everything exploded – взорваться

Could you do it slower and with more intensity – напряжённость

I don’t know… I went to this shrine today and there were these monks and they were chanting – храм / монахи / говорить нараспев (в церкви)

“More lock and loll” – больше рок’н’ролла (японцы путают R и L)

It’s so much better if they are just skinny and nerdy Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson – тощий / занудный (ботаник)

They are making them wear all these Keith Richards clothes and it’s sort of ridiculous – нелепый, смехотворный

My stockings, lip them – lip (прикасаться губами) – rip (разорвать) (каламбур из-за путаницы с R и L)

And you tell Mr. Kazu we had a blast – повеселиться вместе

I believe I may have a previous commitment – заранее запланированные встречи

Apparently, he’s a big deal – большая шишка (о человеке)

You’re breaking up, Fred. – пропадать (о связи)

I need more tension, please – напряжение

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme – петрушка, шалфей, розмарин, тимьян

I’m just here, shooting a band – снимать (на камеру Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson)

I have a worst B.O. (body odor), I’m sorry – запах пота

It was just a pseudonym, for Christ’s sake – Ради Бога, это всего лишь псевдоним!

The InnerMap Theory is an example of how each soul begins with an imprint all compacted into a pattern – внутренний / след, отпечаток / узор

I’m getting paid $2 million to endorse a whisky – рекламировать

You’re probably just having a midlife crisis – кризис среднего возраста

There’s a good buck in that racket – на этом можно заработать “много денег” (сарказм)

Well, so far it’s pro bono – ради общественного блага

I eat all kind of junk Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson food – нездоровая пища

The whole time he was there they tortured him about food – пытать

I’m looking for, like, an accomplice – сообщник

Just staggering pain – ошеломляющий

I got my foot banged up – ударить

Hey, use the horn, fella – дружище (сленг)

The first time I saw you, you were wearing a tuxedo– смокинг

Oh, for yuks– ради шутки

They have to amuse themselves – развлекать

I tried taking pictures but they’re so mediocre – заурядный, посредственный

Her ballet recital is Sunday – сольный концерт

Wasn’t there anyone else to lavish you with attention – одарить вниманием

I’m so into you –

Aren’t you gonna wish me “Have a good “fright”” – страх (Have Stars: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson a good flight – хорошего полёта) (R и L у японцев)

Vocabulary for Discussion

the plot – сюжет

the main character – главный герой / героиня

the topic – тема

the main idea – основная идея

the impression - впечатление

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